Established in 2010, the Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank is a unique project studying animal mummies, and their associated materials, held in museum collections around the world, outside Egypt. Undertaken at The University of Manchester, UK, the research project uses a non-invasive approach by way of archival and oral histories, macroscopic details (descriptions, photographs, dimensions) and the application of imaging science (X-ray, CT and micro-CT).

In the effort to create a centralised access point for this data, this online database went live in 2017 to establish a connection between researchers around the globe studying animal mummies from ancient Egypt.

Thanks are extended to all the museums that form the core of the research project; to the researchers tackling the Egyptological and scientific questions concerning animal mummies; and to The Leverhulme Trust, who made this database possible through a research project grant (RPG-2013-143).

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