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William Sharp Ogden (1845-1926)

William Sharp Ogden was born in 1845 in Bolton le Moors, the son of Thomas Ogden, a coach builder, and his wife, Mary. William married Emma Vaison on 19th June 1873 at Manchester Cathedral, and they lived for a long time in Rusholme, Manchester,…

Sir John Gardner Wilkinson (1797-1875)

Sir John Gardner Wilkinson.tif
John Gardner Wilkinson spent at least 12 years in Egypt, where he wrote about and sketched the things he saw. Wilkinson's passion for both ancient and modern Egypt, lead him to become known as the 'Father of British Egyptology'. He left his…

Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936)

Henry Wellcome was an American-British entrepreneur who made his fortune making and marketing medicines. He used his wealth to collect a wide variety of objects from around the world, including Egypt. He founded the Wellcome Trust, which today…

Max Emil Robinow (1845-1900)

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Max Emil made his money in the shipping industry as part of Gottschadk and Co. He moved to Manchester and became a British citizen in 1875. He travelled to Egypt in 1895-6 and competed for high-quality Egyptian antiquities…

Algernon Percy, Fourth Duke of Northumberland (1792-1865)

Following a visit to Egypt in 1826, Duke Algernon Percy was alike many of his counterparts in the mid-nineteenth century and developed a taste for collecting Egyptian antiquities. He proudly displayed these - and British objects - at the family…


A crocodile mummy shaped bundle with a very dark layer of linen on the outer aspect.

Radiographs show a complete mummy bundle containing no skeletal material. There are two radiodense areas and the end of the tail has become detached, but is…


A circular-top conical shaped bundle with bi-coloured geometric design covering the entire bundle.

Radiographs and CT show evidence of reeds laid longitudinally with a radiodense anomaly at the proximal end of the bundle. The radiodensity of the…


An amorphous (ovoid and slightly flat) linen bundle.

Radiographs show a complete mummy bundle, containing unidentifiable skeletal remains. CT confirms the presence of skeletal remains but due to the flat perspective of the bundle, these are not…


A small, sock-like linen holder containined a fashioned linen item, possibly intended to be feline.

Radiographs show a complete mummy bundle containing a mass of small unidentifiable bones with visible growth plates which have fallen to the…



A small bundle with a square lozenge design on the upper aspect and a linen shroud around the sides and lower aspect. A relatively crude false head from a linen shroud is also attempted.

Radiographs show a complete mummy bundle containing no…


Complete 'sausage' shaped mummy bundle wrapped tightly in dark brown linen. Reeds are exposed mid-section.

Radiographs show radiodense anomalies towards the edges and the presence of reeds on either side of the anomalies. CT shows what seems to…


An anthropoid shaped bundle with a gilded falcon head and chest plate. The modelled body and false feet are covered with a fine linen shroud.

Radiographs show no skeletal material and the presence of longitudinally laid reeds that form the core…


Mummified crocodile cutout 20140529_3356.jpg
Complete crocodile bundle with square lozenge wrapping and facial decoration.


Mummified hawk cutout 20140529_3327.jpg
Partially unwrapped hawk presented in plain brown linen. Beak exposed.


norwich cat mummy 1847-85-1.jpg
Cat mummy in a wooden coffin. Coffin is crude. Mummy is wrapped in striped bandages.


norwich ibis composite 1852-12.jpg
Ceramic pot with partial bird mummy trapped inside. Remainder of mummy is in a bag.


A relatively complete crocodile shaped mummy bundle composed of visible plant material (reeds) with a dark layer of linen (missing in the mid-section). Linen string secures the proximal and distal ends.

Radiographs show a complete mummy bundle…


A complete cat mummy bundle in the classic 'skittle' shape with a modelled head, false ears and facial features. A collar of linen strips is visible and a square lozenge design is created on the upper aspect of the body.

Radiographs show…


An amorphous shaped bundle wrapped in medium brown lienen with a longer ovoid shaped bundle attached to the upper aspect.

Radiographs show a complete mummy bundle containing the skeleton of a shrew sp. (C. flavescens or S. murinus). CT shows that…


A complete crocodile mummy bundle wrapped in light brown linen. Linen string was applied in a circular motion around the bundle to secure the linen wrappings, and is denser at the proximal and distal ends.

Radiographs show the mummy bundle is…
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